Yoga Lessons

I was rushing to yoga practice today. Since it was pretty full, I ended up next to a group of high school-aged girls. While we were holding poses, they were fidgeting around and falling and were all over the place. It was probably a combination of peer pressure, distraction, and lack of conditioning that caused the fidgeting.
It takes a lot of strength to do yoga. It’s a hard practice. And I laud them for getting out there and doing something good for their bodies. When most kids would be out doing drugs, watching TV, or playing video games on a Friday night, these girls were getting their asses kicked of their own free will.
Another plus is they forced me to focus in on myself. If I had focused on them, I’d have been all over the place too. I had to dig deep, breathe, and find my own little bubble of resilience. So tonight was a learning experience all around.
Maybe they learned a Black girl with an afro can be a kick ass yogi. And I learned that my mind and body, when they work as a unit, can overcome wiggly obstacles with just a modicum of resort. I consider it a win on both sides.

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