Unhealthy Relationships

Have you ever felt rage? I am not talking about the temporary ire we all occasionally feel when an office mate is won’t return repeated calls or when some other driver veers dangerously close to a car that we only owe three payments on. I mean an enduring tempest the likes of which is sustained only by the unending onslaught of bigotry and ignorance that plagues our existence. Have you ever felt that?

Sometimes, I am amazed and enraged at the things some people consider acceptable human behavior. For instance, today, Liberty Council released a sickening internet meme that compared homosexual people to drug addicts. Liberty Council compared people loving each other to people with a self-inflicted disease. Liberty Council labeled genuine love of another person, “unhealthy relationships” Their insistance that the “deep hunger” (read, the general need for love that most humans feel!) homosexuals feel can only be sated by an intimate, personal relationship with a meat sack that may or may not have even existed and (if he did exist) died nearly two millennia ago notwithstanding, I find Liberty Council’s opinions about gay and lesbian people highly offensive. And this comes just a day after reading this sectarian diatribe from a walking douchebag over at LifeSite pseudo-News. (I won’t link there directly so as not to boost their misogynist egos.)

The rage is hard to portray with polite words; but I imagine it would go something like this:

Dear enormous jerk,

Thank you for bathing me in your horrendously unkind words and spreading your hateful lack of wisdom over me and my people. I appreciate your genuine enthusiasm. But I and my colored, slant-eyed, Semitic, handicapped, heretical, retarded, lesbo, faggot family would be unabatedly happy on the occasion that you dropped dead so that we and the rest of our human family could get on with our short lives in un-accosted bliss.

Sincerely yours,

Nuclear Grrl


@CoryBooker: Civil Rights Should NOT be Up for a Vote

“No minority should have their rights subject to the passions and sentiments of the majority.” – Mayor Cory Booker

I am slowly (or quickly?) being convinced to move to New Jersey. Althought people drive fast as hell there, one good looking’, well spoken Mayor is little by little convincing me that New Jersians are just made of proper, American stuff!

We all know Mayor Cory Booker don’t shy away from no raging inferno. So back in January, in sure Booker fashion, when he was asked his opinion no marriage equality. He sure didn’t shy away from speaking his mind!

Boy oh boy! Cory Booker is make of PROPER American stuff. You know that stuff, that thick red, white and blue stuff that separates the Patriots from the pawns. I sure am proud of him. New Jersey is looking better and better.