Spreading the Nuclear Around

I hope my presence inspired some of these students (especially the girls!)

As I have stated before, I consider it my special responsibility to provide accurate information about nuclear power to my community. So today I was quite excited speak to first-year college students today about nuclear power and careers in nuclear. This was the largest group of people I have spoken to in quite some time. So it was an honor to have their attention for 90 whole minutes.

The students were from all over the east: West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, etc. The lecture was part of the “Out Of Class Experience” program that WVU sets up for their first year students. What an opportunity! They have professionals from all over the region come and give talks to their students about their work. Of course, we also had a program like this. But it wasn’t required. I wasn’t required to participate in such activities until graduate school.

I hope my presence inspired some of these students (especially the girls!) to pursue careers in engineering, and maybe even graduate school. Ya never can tell what a kid is going to do in his or her college years, even in that first year. But I always hope I can make an impression.


(Unless they are playing The Buckeyes, that is…)