The Welcome Death of Traditional America

What was Traditional America? That depends on whose glasses you have on.

With the reelection of President Barack Obama, you have probably heard – and may even be perpetuating – all manner of doomsday predictions. There’s Jeffrey Kuhner of theWashington Times likening President Obama to Vladimir Lenin. Buster Wilson from the hate group American Family Association cannot help but lament that America will be cursed and punished by “God.” Children who’ve learned racial slurs from their bigoted parents are falling from the trees. And every ultra-conservative from Kuhner to Perkins is calling the beginning of the end of “Traditional America.”

My own opinion of the death of Traditional America is GOOD RIDDANCE!

What was Traditional America? That depends on whose glasses you have on.

Some people see Traditional America as a bastion of capitalism, where Christian values directed everything, and success was reserved for those who worked the hardest. But some others see Traditional America as a place where making money justifies exploitation, where the religious beliefs of a few are forced upon the massess, and where the color of ones skin determines the content of ones wallet.

The way I see it, today’s America is one in which Americans have rejected hate. Americans have rejected religious intolerance. Americans want to reward scholarship and hard work no matter what color you are.

I want America to shed the traditional definition of success for a new, definition. In post-2012 America, a person can find a way to earn an education even if his or her parents cannot afford it. In post-2012 America, A person’s race or religion won’t determine his or her fitness for public office. In post-2012 America, a person can start a business, become a wild success, make millions of dollars, and – not expecting special treatment – will contribute the same share of income to tax as those less affluent. In post-2012 America, private health care decisions won’t be restricted by the religious preferences of faceless bureaucrats. In post-2012 America, two consenting adults in love can marry each other and enjoy the full benefits of marriage, because other people’s opinion of their love won’t matter.

There were good things and bad things about Traditional America. Let’s slough away the bad things; and replace them with something better.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 was a good start.

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