6 thoughts on “A Bio”

  1. You need some help, you are so far off the mark. Another hate creator no doubt. Trying to cause trouble with your erroneous words. You should use that degree and get yourself a job instead of publishing this junk.

    1. You sound so astute and inspiring. I have seen the error of my ways. I heretofore renounce my evil relationship with “evil.” I will get a [new?] “job.” I will give all of my “extra” money to the intolerant Catholic church. I will pass my own “god’s” judgment on others. And I swear to whomever my new god is to promote the brainwashing and bullying of innocent children from here to eternity. RAmen!

  2. I love your page. Well thought out and to the point. I am a free thinker but I believe in a higher being(s) but not the god that bloated bigot Pat Robertson. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hey,
    I am working on a post for my blog — and I came across your nuclear blog. I have been blogging about the polywell (an idea for a fusion reactor) for about 6 years now. I am working on a post arguing for nuclear power.
    I heard about a study a few years back that connected who you were — to what energy solution you liked. E.g. white males selected nuclear power, black females selected wind, Hispanics preferred solar, ect… This leads to a few questions:
    1. Do you think you would push another energy solution if you were not who you are, like European, or Spanish speaking or …?
    2. Do you like nuclear power for purely for economic & physics reasons?
    3. Do you find that your political views (add to) or (takes away from) your arguments for nuclear power? For example, I am always citing climate change as a reason for nuclear — people hate this, and ignore the rest of the blog.
    4. Do you really think we can get its widespread use? It is expensive, it is seen as unsafe, its heavily regulated and complicated to build, run and troubleshoot.
    5. Do you have a favorite approach? Like pebblebed, PWR, CANDU, thorium fuels, BWR, fast breeder, ect..
    Otherwise great blog. Keep it up!

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