“I’m no feminist, but…”

Ya know what pisses me off? Women doing feminist things while saying they aren’t feminist. So often these days, “anti-feminist” women will use a platform they’ve earned to disavow any and all self-identification with feminism as if it is some man-hating branch of the KKK. A lot of times an anti-feminist will take a stand against what he or she perceives as misogyny – such as internet harassment – while at the same time disowning feminism. I doubt the anti-feminist even realizes she is calling out of rape culture – a purely feminist act!

I’m not sure when feminism became a bad word. Feminism has affected women’s lives in ways many of these anti-feminists don’t begin to appreciate. A woman can have a bank account and a credit card in her own name. Women are able to vote. Married women can own property. These are all things that would not be possible but for feminism.

Some of the anti-feminists claim that prejudices against women are a thing of the past. However, women have a long way to go to truly be equal to men in our society. Though laws to the effect have been struck from the law books, to this day a woman’s word in court is not as credible as a man’s. Women are stripped of their autonomy by patriarchal governments while making pregnancy decisions. Women in abusive relationships are in some states legally prohibited from leaving an abusive spouse. And, in theory, women have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. But in practice, girls are discouraged from breaking with gender stereotypes at an early age, and women are passed over for promotions in favor of men. So, at this point, feminism is very NECESSARY!

Therefore, to the anti-feminists I say, “get on board my feminist bang wagon!” We have cookies.


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4 thoughts on ““I’m no feminist, but…””

  1. This is so true! I became a feminist in the 1970’s when I was a young teenage girl. To me it’s all about equality and opportunities (not to mention respect!) for girls and women. It’s NOT about hating and disrespecting men and boys. I intensely dislike misogyny where ever it comes from. I have never agreed with some of the more radical notions such as “all men are rapists” and Einsteinian physics is masculine physics and not compatible with women’s so-called intuitive knowledge. Enough of this crapping on feminists and practicing feminist ideals while being embarrassed to be associated with it. I’m also a completely secular person. Very impressed with this blog. N E Willmott;l Eaton Rapids, Mi

  2. I never understood when feminism became a “bad” word either. It’s so frustrating because feminism is so necessary in our culture, yet there are people bashing it and misunderstanding what it truly is. As women, we hope for equality, and it’s a struggle to speak out about the problems our society has when there are people who think that since we’re feminists, we’re just “bitching.”

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