Why Do You Hate The Things of God

I hate this question. Seriously? You are asking an atheist why she hates a god. Those who don’t see the ridiculousness of such a question are incomprehensibly thick headed.

An atheist, by definition, is someone who does not believe in the existence of deities. Atheism is not a religion, it is a state of being. In just the way that I am brown, I am atheist. I don’t believe I am brown. I know I am brown. I reject any assertions I am not brown (unless, of course, you are calling me some fancy synonymic word for brown). In the same way, I don’t believe I am atheist. I am atheist. Atheism is not a belief or a religion. Atheism is the rejection of the existence of deity in exchange for an evidence-based existence.

Atheism is NOT believing that there is no god. Here is an analogy. I don’t believe there is no god in the way I believe I will make it to work on time Monday. Believing I can make it to work on time implies that I also believe there is a chance I could be late. In that case, the logical thing to do would be to wake up and leave the house earlier than usual.

But a person who believes no god exists also may believe there is a chance a god may exist. That is agnosticism at best. I am NOT agnostic. I am an atheist. I know there are no gods. There is zero evidence of any deity. Therefore I reject the hypothesis altogether.

So why would you ask an atheist why they are mad at something he or she does not believe even exists? That’s like asking me why I am afraid of gryphons. It’s a completely illogical question because GRYPHONS DO NOT EXIST!


Seriously. Stupidest question ever.


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4 thoughts on “Why Do You Hate The Things of God”

    1. I think sometimes people are trying to set you up for some “you just proved god is irrefutable” moment. But really, you can’t even get to that point with me.
      “Why are you so mad at God?”
      -I couldn’t possibly be mad at god.
      “But why do the things of God upset you?”
      -Nonexistent things don’t upset me. YOU upset me!

      …You get it.

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