Politically Correct Sex Talk

I published an essay recently where I argued that sex should not have to be eliminated from our daily interactions since sex is such a large and valuable part of the human identity. I got some comments I did not expect. I expected people not to “get” it. I mean, I’m a wacky scientist. But I didn’t expect that, because I relayed my own experience and opinion on sexuality (and not anyone else’s), readers would accuse me of “denying the idea that people have diverse forms of sexuality”, “refusing to accept any identities other than straight” and “erasing the experiences of an awful lot of people.”

Since when does one have to be an expert in representing every sexual identity in existence to present a valid position about human sexuality? I am straight. I am a woman who likes men. I don’t like women. I have sex! And, I won’t apologize for any of it. I have friends who reside on all shades of the sexual spectrum. I love and respect them dearly. But just because I know and respect someone who is gay or lesbian or bi, doesn’t mean I can speak to their human sexual experience. To do so would be highly presumptuous and wildly fake.

I am of the opinion that anyone who purports to speak representatively of all sexual identities is swimming in their own arrogance.


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2 thoughts on “Politically Correct Sex Talk”

  1. I agree with your post insofar as a sexual identity is a social construct that has made an identity out of someone’s sexual pursuits.People are so much more than who, or how, they fuck. Foucault is one of my favorite philosophers on this topic, and if you haven’t done yourself the service of reading his “History of Sexuality”, I urge you to do so. Having read Nietzsche beforehand is helpful but not essential. Foucault’s theories confirmed a lot of the misgivings I had felt regarding the nature of one’s sexual identity.

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