Things Only Racists Think Of

I am appalled. The day after Gabrielle Douglas became the first Black woman EVER to win the Olympic individual all-around gymnastics competition, I see rumors that NBC released an “apology” for following up her glorious moment by airing a commercial with a monkey in it. A monkey.

Seriously? What is WRONG with people?!!!

NBC never should have apologized for airing that commercial, no matter WHO was on just before it. What NBC SHOULD have apologized for is all the racist jerks who associated a fracking monkey in a TV commercial with a Black athlete in the first place! Only a racist bigot would make such an association. The fact that some racist people put their bigoted spin on a random coincidence and then backed a spokesperson into a corner for a forced apology doesn’t make NBC wrong. It makes the racist bigots who thought it up in the first place wrong.

I was watching that segment. I watched Gabby Douglas win the gold medal in absolute superb style. I watched Bob Costas discuss her historic victory. I watched the ensuing commercial for NBC’s upcoming TV show “Animal Practice.”

And guess what!

I didn’t think anything remiss about it. I thought the commercial was dumb the first time I watched it. I thought it was dumb the umpteenth time I watched it that night. I thought about how Bob Costas looked older and wondered how long has he been hosting the Olympics. I thought about how proud I was of Gabby Douglas becoming the first woman of color to win a gold medal in the Olympic Women’s all-around gymnastics competition. I thought about a lot of things. But not one time did I associate the cute little monkey in that dumb commercial with the fantastically talented gymnastics genius I had just seen on screen. Do you want to know why?



Author: NuclearGrrl

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