Yes, Chick-fil-A Supports Hate Groups

There is a monumental difference between disapproving of same-sex marriage and actively working to assure homosexual and transgender people can make no socio-economic contribution to civil society. The owners and CEO of Chick-fil-A are starting to learn this lesson. After the company’s CEO Dan Cathy made public statement cementing Chick-fil-A’s public stance against gay marriage, the Jim Henson Co. announced they would sever all ties with the restaurant chain and donated royalty money received to GLAAD.

CEO Cathy’s remarks have caused public outrage across the internet. But the CEO’s words are not the root of the offense that Chick-fil-A commits. What really offends people is the message Chick-fil-A supports with their donations to anti-gay organizations. Chick-fil-A’s charitable arm WinShape Foundation donated nearly $2 million to anti-gay organizations in 2010. “So, who are these organizations,” you may ask. Let me tell you about the worst offenders.

One group that received Chick-fil-A money is the Family Research Council (FRC). The FRC is officially certified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for their vitriolic (and highly inaccurate) statements against homosexuals. Yes, Chick-fil-A donates money a hate group. The FRC routinely spreads lies about gay and lesbian people as it seeks to outlaw same-sex marriage, and overturn hate crimes laws, eliminate anti-bullying programs and reinstate the military’s discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. An FRC pamphlet released in 1999 made the startling claim that, “One of the primary goals of the homosexual rights movement is to abolish all age of consent laws and to eventually recognize pedophiles as the ‘prophets’ of a new sexual order.” FRC’s president Tony Perkins also makes the ridiculous claim that pedophilia is a homosexual problem.

Chick-fil-A also donated money to Focus on the Family (FOF), which used to partner with the FRC. According to Right Wing Watch, FOF is anti-choice, anti-gay, and against sex education curricula that are not strictly abstinence-only. The founder of FOF, Dr. James Dobson, regularly makes disparaging remarks about gays and lesbians, and purports that homosexuality is a mental disorder.

Exodus International – another chicken-funded org – advocates the message that there is something wrong with LGBTQ people; and up  until a month ago espoused the theory that homosexuality was an illness that could be cured with prayer and “reparative” ex-gay therapy.

Other funding recipients included the Marriage and Family Foundation Inc, the Fellowship Of Christian Athletes, and the Georgia Family Council (an FRC affiliate). This is where Chick-fil-A puts your money.

Chick-fil-A donates money to organizations that actively promote hatred and intolerance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people, organizations that promote criminalization of LGBTQ life, organizations that assert LGBTQ couples aren’t fit to raise children, and organizations that condone and actively spread the ideas that LGBTQ people are child molesters, are sexual deviants, that there is something fundamentally wrong with LGBTQ people’s brains or that being gay is a disease that can be cured, and that allowing LGBTQ people to live freely will destroy society. That is a message that I and many others just cannot support.

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  1. I think that he is their COO rather than CEO. Either way he is a dick and I suspect he is motivated by his own deeply repressed homosexual desires. In the interest of full disclosure I will mention that I tend to believe this of all of the people who bang their anti-marriage equality drums the loudest.

    I have been boycotting this company for about a year and a half anyway; however, it is because of cold fries and their insane markup on chicken (the cheapest protein available in most grocery stores). If they want to talk about how to keep waffle fries hot or the latest advancement in breading and dipping sauce technology I may listen. As for taking my moral/ethical marching orders from a corporate mouthpiece who’s mind is so warped he can’t even correctly process the teachings of his own religion, I’ll pass.

    I shall continue to take my money elsewhere. Certain “news” outlets will continue to fire up the right wing base by attempting to turn this into a simple matter of free speech. The world will continue turning. Cathy will continue being a douche bag, Their temporary bump in sales resulting from the cry to rally around hate (and over priced chicken served with cold fries I guess) will be short lived. To those of us made sick by the thought of any portion of our hard earned money being used to fund the systematic denial of basic civil rights to our fellow Americans, the memory of this attitude will certainly outlast any lame ass attempt to rally the general public to buy chicken.

    1. You know what is most disturbing to me is that many of these Chick-fil-A supporters either aren’t understanding the real issue, or they actually support the hate-filled, discriminatory message that Chick-fil-A is funding.

      I keep hearing people stage their support as a “freedom of speech” issue. This defense is highly contradictory. No one has said Chick-fil-A shouldn’t be able to speak out for what they believe in. I’ve not heard that argument once. In fact, free speech is just what has allowed this debate to unfurl. Boycotting is just free speech with your wallet. So if the supporters actually think they are fighting back against some type of corporate muzzle, they are highly misinformed or are just drinking the kool-aide someone fed them.

      If people are supporting Chick-fil-A because they actually agree with the ideas the organizations that Chick-fil-A funds are trying to spread (that homosexuality is unnatural, is equitable to pedophilia and bestiality, or should be punishable by death or imprisonment), I am truly disturbed.

      1. Yes, you are truly ‘disturbed’ (this is the first I’ve heard of adding ‘Q’ to the ‘LGBT,’ so maybe now we can also add a ‘D’). You’re not getting that it is a non-issue, that being GLBT-XYZ /is/ a … not a ‘disease,’ but rather a “choice” (like ‘obesity’ … and I’m saying that from Oklahoma, one of the most-obese states in the country), a choice that people are going to continue to make whether “allowed” or not.

        Maybe homosexuality /is/ natural; natural like death, so murder should be legalized? Heterosexuality makes for fruitful relationships, homosexuality for fruitless ones … They’re both “equally enjoyable for all parties concerned” (if you don’t count the newborn life that CAN’T arise from the latter), but … ‘non-heterosexuals asking for the rights of heterosexuals’ is like me asking you to pay me any salary you get for any job you do.

      2. LGBTQ has been around for a long time. And I don’t know what your “D” is supposed to be for so I’ll pay it no mind. They’re queer (or questioning), they’re here, get used to it.

        Your “logic” is illogical. Gay people are born gay. They don’t learn being gay. And homosexual relationships CAN be “fruitful” believe it or not. But the modern purpose for marriage is not all about bearing children. We, as a society, have already established that marriage is not a necessary component of child rearing. Nor is child rearing a necessary component of marriage. Therefore, measuring the legitimacy of a partnership (or marriage) by the potential of its parties to bear children is no longer a sound criterion.

        The real “disease” we are dealing with here is good old progress-resistant bigotry.

      3. Oh, and your comparison of the legality of homosexuality to that of murder is just dumb. Murder is a legal term. Homosexuality is a state of being. A state that can tell its people how to “be” is a tyrannical state, and could also dictate who you worship, what religions can exist, where you work, how many children you have, etc. (Boy that sounds familiar.) If a state can dictate who you are allowed to be, freedom is lost. Outlawing murder is the state protecting your rights, which is quite the opposite of limiting them.

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