Random Rant: Are We Computers?

What if we are just a more primitive kind of computer created by a much further advanced life form?


Humans are not that much different from computers. We are good conductors. We send electrical signals. We store data. We have RAM and ROM type storage. We can retrieve stored data. We require energy to perform. We give off heat. We communicate and facilitate communication with other “computers.”

In fact, humans could just be an evolved form of machine. First, there were the single celled organisms. Even humans use single celled organisms to produce energy and life-saving products such as BEER!!! (Okay, okay, penicillin) Then, the dinosaurs. And all the prior manifestations of mankind. We have finally evolved into super random access memory biological machines. We can even repair ourselves!

We make a product, surely. What if we are just a machine that someone made to produce something? What if we are just a more primitive kind of computer created by a much further advanced life form? The life we know may not be the only type of “life” in the universe. We could be someone’s coincidental science experiment – a self sustaining machine made of billions of self sustaining micro processors. A universe within a universe. And what is our product? Carbon dioxide? Heat? Rubber duckies?

Could the computers we create be the next step down in computer evolution? We strive to create more and more life-like computers and artificial intelligence. But maybe we are more sophisticated gadgetry than the ai we attempt to birth. We could BE that artificial intelligence. We think we are real and that life as we know it is the only kind of life in the multiverse. But we could just be some tossed aside digital terrarium experiment that makes rubber duckies.



*As an aside, when I started talking to my husband about all this, he interrupted me saying, “I’m going to see if I can buy some pot.” I said, “What? Why would you want to do that?” He replied, “Because people don’t usually talk like that unless they are high on something. So I want to see what you’ll say when you really are high.” 🙂

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  1. Go to your book shelf I’m sure you will find the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy read it and report back.

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