Racism at Work

In terms of racial inequality and prejudice, his country is messed up. But it is a much better place to live than most countries on Earth. I lived in Russia studying abroad for a summer and have first-hand experience in how racist other people in other countries can be. FIFA-sponsored soccer tournaments are a prime example of the state of race relations (or lack thereof) in the rest of the world. The campaign for every tournament lately is something countering racism. For the FIFA World Cup 2014 (TM) the slogan is ALL IN ONE RHYTHM (TM) – spreading the idea that soccer is a socio-cultural phenomenon and a unifying force, and the unity and diversity of Brazil. In 2006 it was “A time to make friends.” Racism in Europe is a big problem.

But we got Theirry Henry out of it. So it’s a mixed bag.

I wish that philosophy of unity and diversity filled my office. I recently had an infuriating episode with a coworker. We were discussing why he felt the need to put an unnecessary, redundant note on a drawing for a foreign customer. I tried to explain to him why the note was unnecessary by getting him to reason through the customer’s actions. His response to me was, “Because I just assume they’re ignorant.”

He just assume’s the customer is ignorant.

He just assumes they’re ignorant.

I instantly got so mad, I loudly replied, “Well that is a completely inappropriate idea,” and stormed out of his office.

Would he have made such an offensive comment if the customer was not foreign? Personally, I don’t think he would have. Even if his comment wasn’t based on the ancestry of our clients, it was an entirely inappropriate, offensive thing to say about ANY customer and reflected an attitude of someone who won’t do his or her best to represent our company favorably.

I tire of racist jerks. Especially at work.


Author: NuclearGrrl

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