PA House Bill 2405 Represses Consumer Choice

Unshackling the market and promoting free market enterprise is one of the priorities of the Republican Party – except when it comes to women’s health. If you are a reproductive health care provider that also performs or even refers patients to another health care provider that performs abortion services in Pennsylvania today, you have to worry about your ability to continue offering preventative reproductive health care services to your patients. If you are a comprehensive reproductive health care provider, you won’t even have the chance to compete equally with health care clinics whose services are limited only to those reproductive health care services that are acceptable to the Catholic church (which ain’t much). That is because Rep. Daryl Metcalfe has introduced House Bill 2405 in the Pennsylvania Assembly which, if passed, would ban the commonwealth from allocating Title X funds to any health care organization that performs or is even associated with another organization that performs abortions for reasons other than rape, incest or a woman’s imminent death.

The sad fact of the matter is that such a move would alienate every Pennsylvanian who relies on Title X funds to fill the gaps in their health care. Other states, such as Indiana and Texas, have incurred burdensome legal fees at the expense of their citizens for defunding Planned Parenthood and similar organizations. And in contrast to the Republican mantra of “small government,” defunding comprehensive reproductive health providers does nothing to limit the power of the government. On the contrary, HB 2405 expands the reach of the PA government beyond the shallows of “provider qualification based on nondiscrimination” into the deep “government injection of religious dogma into law” sea. In essence, House Bill 2405 seeks to strip away religious freedom and provider choice from Pennsylvania citizens, thus limiting our health care options to the theological restrictions of the Catholics in the Pennsylvania government.

If that’s not immoral, I don’t know what is.

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