President Obama is not a Nazi

One’s views on abortion rights notwithstanding, no valid comparison can be made between Obama’s policies and Hitler’s tyranny.

The Wednesday issue of my local paper published a letter from a guy I will call George. In it, George accused President Obama of having a “socialist, immoral agenda” and taking the United States “down the same road as Nazi Germany” with his support for reproductive rights.

“…with no choice between presidential candidates, Obama, as incumbent, will win by default.

“That will allow Obama to complete his socialist, immoral agenda for this country.

“God will judge those who promote an agenda of abortion; a better name for it is murder. Are we, as a country, looking to go down the same road as Nazi Germany?”

George goes on in an attempt to justify his association.

“Germany, under Adolf Hitler, murdered its citizens and all others who disagreed with its policies. The world looked on Hitler’s murderous ways without stopping such horrible activity, until the United States was forced into World War II at Pearl Harbor”

But George isn’t finished! He has the prime solution to our American depravity!

“The last hope of America in the 2012 election is to somehow nominate Santorum on the Republican ticket and run him against Obama and his socialist uncaring regime.

“Santorum is a good man both morally and socially and is the only candidate who would promote ‘we the people’ and give a voice to those Americans – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – who feel our great republic is being taken over by those who believe that the people of America cannot think for themselves and need big government.”

To be frank, this reader’s ideological projection flabbergasts me! Not only are his Nazi accusations outrageous, his cherry-picking of history is manipulatively self-serving, and his solution to our nation’s artificial moral depredation are completely hypocritical.

George compared the Administration’s refusal to repress reproductive freedom to Hitler murdering people who disagreed with his policies. One’s views on abortion rights notwithstanding, no valid comparison can be made between Obama’s policies and Hitler’s tyranny. Indeed, George’s comparison is markedly mismatched. Hitler was a shining example of reproductive coercion. Under the Nazis, providing an abortion to an Aryan woman was punishable by death; while it was regularly forced upon non-Aryans. The Nazi regime forced German youths to attend indoctrination camps, from which young Aryan girls most often returned to their parents pregnant. The Nazis forcibly sterilized people they viewed as having “inheritable”, “undesirable” traits. Our President does none of this.

Hitler murdered 6 million Jews and millions more non-Jewish people. Obama hasn’t murdered anyone.

George also distorts history, implying the world watched the Holocaust “without stopping such a horrible activity.” On the contrary, the world knew how horrendous life under Hitler would be, why else would all of Europe be fighting? Until the end of World War II, Americans didn’t know what was really happening in Germany. Only Hitler and his closest advisers and Generals knew the depths of their depravity. Yet even General Rommel “The Desert Fox”(one of the baddest ass generals ever, may I add) didn’t know until he returned to Germany in 1943.

Santorum may be a good man; but he is not the “last hope” for the United States. Santorum may be a moral man; but most Americans don’t want him telling us how to “morally” live our lives. I agree with George’s insistence that American’s can think for ourselves and don’t need big government. But I reject his manipulation of history and his injection of Rick Santorum as the answer to a fictitious agenda.

Every American has a voice, a pen and a vote. It’s time for people to stop insulting the President of the United States of America by comparing him to Hitler. If you have issues with this President, base your arguments in truth.

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