I think, rather than communicating a message of natural beauty and confidence, the scene played like a photoshop session gone wrong.


I watch America’s Next Top Model.

I know. You’re surprised, right? Some people have their American Idol. Some have their Dancing With The Stars. Everyone has that guilty pleasure show they hate to admit they watch. And hey, at least it’s not Jersey Shore.

The most recent episode of ANTM had a learning moment in it. Tyra Banks had a “booty tooch” session with the ladies where she made them dress up in tight shorts with butt enhancements in them. One contestant, Azmarie, refused to wear the butt pads. For her adamance, Tyra exiled Azmarie from the session. One goal of the ANTM show is to instill in young women a sense of personal value and self confidence. I think that move sends the wrong message to the young women watching the show.

During the judging, commentary about the incident was obviously highly edited. But I support Azmarie’s choice to abstain from wearing the butt pads. By insisting that the girls wear them, and kicking them out if they will not, Tyra was (presumably inadvertently) sending the message that without a padded bum, the girls were not good enough to be in her class.

I think, rather than communicating a message of natural beauty and confidence, the scene played like a photoshop session gone wrong. The message I got from this was that the girl’s naturally beautiful bodies were just not good enough.

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3 thoughts on “ANTM Fail”

  1. That episode was the silliest in a long line of ridiculous episodes this season. A whole music video about sticking your booty out? What happened to the hit show about high fashion modeling? Azmarie was the best.

    1. You are so right! The show is getting chintzy in my opinion. The photo shoots used to be artistic and beautifully staged. Recently, the art of high fashion has eluded them.

  2. Hi Nucleargrrl…I’m a new fan of your blog. I too like ANTM and I thought Azmarie was unbeatable. But I think she underestimated how silly Tyra can be. I agree with you the show is chinzy; but this has always been so, with Tyra’s introductory stunts, campy scenarios and horrible music videos. I didn’t perceive Tyra was emphasizing butt size at all; rather she wanted them to wear the pads so they could practice the poses (booty tooches) to see how to dramatize their movements. The pads weren’t used at all in the photo sessions. Tyra definitely knows how to model and her techniques seem to work! I saw the butt pads as akin to putting a book on one’s head for better posture while walking. Was it dumb; yes–but this is from the same person who had the all-stars pose in bathtubs on a penthouse balcony while selling perfume (I think a model was sent home for not doing that challenge either). Cheers!

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