Absorbing Life’s Best Stuff

There are those moments in life when you are just so glad to be living it. Some days you just want to jump around, or spin about, or lay around in the grass to soak up the cosmic rays even if bugs are flying around your head. I am feeling this way lately. It’s hump day. I’ve got just two days left until the weekend when I have to get my taxes done. And I’m not even upset about it.

Maybe it’s the sudden warm turn in the weather (probably). Maybe I’m on a workout high after my two workouts today (most definitely). Maybe it’s the spinach and onion I put in my noodles for dinner! Whatever the case, the serotonin is running swift and strong in my veins today.

Even though I know I’ll be feeling the “lactic acid” burn tomorrow, I can’t wait to dig my toes in that sand again. This is probably all my biological processes talking – Vitamin D boost, endorphin effects, etcetera. Well, my body is me, and my body is feeling kick ass today. (Except my knee, but whatever!)

Today was a beautiful day.


Author: NuclearGrrl

Nuclear engineer, afro queen, black mamba, feminist, clinic escort, beer aficionado and all around spectacular human being.