40 Days for Life/Harassment

The 40 Days for Life harassment campaign held by anti-choice activists every year kicked off about a week ago. The parade of assholes was led this weekend by a priest dressed to the nines who brought his whole cavalcade of stalkers with him in a van from who-knows-where. I had to listen to three and a half hours of inane, disharmonious moaning by about 40 of these crazy people. NOT my favorite way to spend my Saturday mornings. But women deserve to see a friendly, smiling face greeting them where ever they go, and especially at a women’s health and abortion clinic.

The FACE Act forbids the use of “force, threat of force or physical obstruction” to prevent someone from providing or receiving reproductive health services. Under the FACE Act, formation of what I like to call the gauntlet (see the picture above) is not illegal under federal law. It is, however, illegal under municipal law where protesters are not permitted to get within 8 feet of a patient or employee entering a reproductive health clinic without their invitation. Additionally, if that is not intimidation, I don’t know what is. An escort is almost never turned down when the street looks like this.

These “pro life” protesters have got it so wrong. If they really want to promote a culture of life, they should be working proactively to reduce the need for abortion by promoting activities that maximize reproductive choice and increase maternal health.

Now, I don’t believe praying to an imaginary god is in any way constructive. However, in honor of 40 Days for Life, I would like to make some recommendations to these protesters of other valuable, constructive things they can pray for that have a direct, meaningful, positive impact on maternal health. And I’ll use 40 days guy to illustrate.

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What other recommendations do you have for this guy?

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