Atheists are protected by the Constitution, right?

I guess all us atheist are going to have to enroll in a martial arts class.

Living in the USA as an atheist may not be a hard or treacherous as living in Pakistan as a Christian. But some day’s, it’s all one can do not to just lay someone out. If you are an atheist, you probably heard that a judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a recent case brought by Ernest Perce V against Talaag Elbayomy who attacked Perce as Perce was marching in a parade on Halloween prominently dressed as a zombie Muhammad. Perce captured video tape of the incident that included audible reaction from Perce as Elbayomy assaults him. And the responding officer, Sgt. Brian Curtis, reported that Elbayomy admitted to assaulting Perce. Yet a judge dismissed Perce’s complaint citing a lack of evidence and then proceeding to chastise Perce for exercising his First Amendment right to free speech.

The frustrating thing about this whole episode is, the judge’s grounds for dismissal were not rooted in the First Amendment, and were accompanied by a side of religious bias stinkier than limburger cheese. Not once did the judge cite the US or PA Constitutions to support his legal views of the case. In fact, as Judge Martin’s ruling stands, it opens the door to impugn attacks against people who offend other people’s religious beliefs in the name of ‘cultural sensitivity’. One has nothing to fear from beating up atheists or other nonbelievers because the residing judge will just throw out the case and chastise and belittle the plaintiff in the process!

This comes after the Pennsylvania House ground their foot on the Constitution by declaring 2012 “The Year of The Bible,” stressing the “national need to study and apply the teachings of the holy scriptures”. (You just can’t make this stuff up!)

I guess all us atheist are going to have to enroll in a martial arts class. Unfortunately, a judge probably won’t throw out any case against a godless heathen!

Author: NuclearGrrl

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