Herman Cain Flexes His Misogynist Muscle – Again!

I’m not sure I have many polite words to express my disgust with Herman Cain’s latest misogynistic comments. In addition to my complete lack of amazement with the fact that his emerging history of sexual harassment has only bolstered his equally woman-hating supporters into donating more cash to his irreverent campaign, Cain had the nerve to publicly label one of his accusers a “troubled woman.” TROUBLED WOMAN!

Seriously, Herman? Why is she so “troubled?” Is it her success as a single mother? Her loyalty to family? Her unabashed boldness? Her audacity and courage to speak out publicly (baring her soul and her dirty laundry to the world) against the power of a former boss, CEO and current potential presidential candidate?

Well, she did declare bankruptcy. But she helped her parents while raising a child on her own and going through a divorce. I’d say coming out the other side intact shows much, much more than a “troubled” spirit. These actions speak of iron guts! They show above average strength and insatiable will to thrive! Not weakness.

With a victim-blaming strategy straight out of the rape culture play book, Cain resorts to calling Bialek a “troubled woman” in order to discredit her. His tactic is so transparent, I’m surprised other feminist bloggers haven’t had a field day with it. Cain needs to own up to his pattern of misdeeds. He is not fooling anyone with his victim-blaming denial spree.


Author: NuclearGrrl

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